Cheap T2 Dark Solo Kikimora

Fit #10072

High slot modules

Light Entropic Disintegrator II icon Light Entropic Disintegrator II with Occult S iconOccult S 20 585 000 ISK

Mid slot modules

1MN Afterburner II icon 1MN Afterburner II 1 395 000 ISK
Small Cap Battery II icon Small Cap Battery II 633 450 ISK
Small Cap Battery II icon Small Cap Battery II 633 450 ISK

Low slot modules

Entropic Radiation Sink II icon Entropic Radiation Sink II 3 652 500 ISK
Small Armor Repairer II icon Small Armor Repairer II 574 200 ISK
Entropic Radiation Sink II icon Entropic Radiation Sink II 3 652 500 ISK
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II icon Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II 712 150 ISK


Small Auxiliary Nano Pump II icon Small Auxiliary Nano Pump II 6 553 000 ISK
Small Auxiliary Nano Pump II icon Small Auxiliary Nano Pump II 6 553 000 ISK
Small Auxiliary Nano Pump I icon Small Auxiliary Nano Pump I 149 800 ISK


Nothing in Drones


Mystic S icon Mystic S x750 937 500 ISK
Occult S icon Occult S x500 530 500 ISK
Baryon Exotic Plasma S icon Baryon Exotic Plasma S x750 318 000 ISK
Meson Exotic Plasma S icon Meson Exotic Plasma S x750 441 750 ISK
Nanite Repair Paste icon Nanite Repair Paste x200 4 362 000 ISK


Nothing in Boosters

Other cargo and implants

Nothing in Other cargo and implants

Total without ship: 45 119 186 ISK
Kikimora icon Kikimora 23 535 000 ISK
Total: 68 654 186 ISK
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2022 May 02 15:03:34 Fit stats calculation finished. Fit #10072
2022 May 02 15:03:07 Updated status to Works Fit #10072
2022 May 02 15:03:05 Fit submitted to the Abyss Tracker Fit #10072
2022 May 02 15:03:05 Submitted fit for stats calculation Fit #10072

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Maximum suggested Abyssal difficulty











This cheap Kikimora fit provides a fun solo challenge in T2 Dark. As of writing this description, it was averaging approximately 8-9 minutes per run solo. The fit is also a great option when introducing a newer pilot to T2 content. You're able to solo the site so anything they bring is just a bonus time wise. It will allow that pilot to see tougher spawns and learn how to react accordingly.

I'll update this description with a video guide once I have gathered the clips I want. When I do the progress on this tracker will likely reset.

-- Ammo --

The setup primarily utilizes Occult ammo. You can swap to Mystic as your long range option to deal with spawns you cannot tank at first. Meson is a longer range but lower damage option. Most spawns that require range can be handled with Mystic but swap according to your skills and comfort level.

Baryon provides a mid-range option without the tracking penalty of Mystic. Damage wise, Baryon is one cycle ahead of Mystic. This stays true for all the Disintegrator sizes.

When "dunking" the first frig in a room use Baryon or Mystic. Their momentum will slingshot them out of Occult range.

Tetryon isn't necessary as you will track fine with Occult and it will have a similar range. If I'm worried about breaking spool with Occult then I'll use Baryon or Mystic instead.

You can always start with a lower damage charge while moving into position for Occult. Unless you've ramped for a bit then restarting with Occult is likely still a better option. Best way to make this call is to learn your base Occult DPS and check what DPS your current ammo is at when debating the swap.

As with all my cheap fits, you can of course add bling if you want. It's not necessary though. I prefer to fly cheap and aggressive. This setup clears the sites with the current T2 tank. You can swap to a Reactive Hardener but that's a lot of cap pressure on small hulls. I prefer to have the uniform passive resists of the Membrane instead.

-- Spawn Notes --

Wrecking shots can be stressfull on frigate and destroyer hulls. The Kikimora has a great armor buffer so when you eat a wrecking shot take the time to pull range and catch up on tank. If you're moving in to get under guns then heat the tank for a few cycles until you're in the safer position. Wrecking shots are why all my frigate and destroyer fits are cheap. It's a question of when, not if, you eat a bad string of wrecking shots.

The actual toughest enemy you will face in T2 for this fit will be the Vedmak. The safest approach for killing a Vedmak is to orbit near your max Mystic range (but close enough to maintain spool). Knowing this, then the most dangerous spawn you will face is Vedmak plus three Tangling Damaviks. If you see this spawn then your goal is to get on the Vedmak ASAP with a heated turret. Once the Vedmak red-boxes you then overheat your tank. Orbit at 500m or 1000m to mitigate the incoming damage. While webbed the Vedmak will still hit but no reason to sit stationary and take it to the face.

The "scariest" rooms for most pilots will be double Knight or Cynabal. We will deal with them the same way we do in T1 though. React to the spawn quickly and use the first few seconds to get into point blank range to mitigate incoming damage.

  • Cynabals have double the tracking of a Knight so this will be another good spawn to overheat your tank. Pulse the repper accordingly so as to not overrep and waste capacitor. Kill the support frigate on the way in. Overheat if it's the Echo.
  • Knights are slow so you can kite them if you prefer this route. When the double Knights spawn I'll dunk the support frigate before moving to point blank to use Occult.

Tesseras are dealt with the same way as in T1. Pull range and kill with Mystic.

Last, if you get a room with full Sleeper or Drifter neuts then pull range and reduce that cap pressure. The increased distance will allow you to pulse your repper and not waste cap.

Resource usage
  used available
CPU icon CPU 187 tf 218 tf
Powergrid icon Powergrid 68 MW 69 MW

807 dps

total dps
Weapons 807 dps
Drones 0 dps
Volley 725 dmg
776 ehp
2 662 ehp
1 679 ehp
Total: 5 117 ehp
4 ehp/s
58 ehp/s
4 ehp/s
58 ehp/s
Stable at 45%
Icon Capacity 1 313 GJ
Targeting & speed
Icon Speed 892 m/s
Icon Signature radius 58,0 m
Icon Targeting range 62 500 m
Icon Scan resolution 656 mm
Icon Sensor strength 14.4 str

Cheap T2 Dark Solo Kikimora usage

Runs with this fit (23)
  Duration Abyss type Abyss tier Loot value Submitted  
10:31 Dark 2 5,957,232 ISK 2022-06-26 17:32:04
12:39 Dark 2 7,174,264 ISK 2022-06-26 17:11:19
10:03 Dark 2 4,587,870 ISK 2022-06-26 16:54:08
07:40 Dark 1 2,829,841 ISK 2022-06-26 15:45:31
09:15 Dark 1 2,729,907 ISK 2022-06-26 15:36:18
08:11 Dark 1 2,988,667 ISK 2022-06-26 15:26:18
07:12 Dark 1 2,036,582 ISK 2022-06-26 15:17:18
08:27 Dark 2 6,635,194 ISK 2022-05-05 02:49:03
06:37 Dark 2 6,243,082 ISK 2022-05-05 02:48:28
06:02 Dark 2 6,836,775 ISK 2022-05-05 02:47:53
09:00 Dark 2 5,025,052 ISK 2022-05-05 02:21:02
08:15 Dark 2 5,036,025 ISK 2022-05-05 02:20:34
08:06 Dark 2 5,237,338 ISK 2022-05-05 02:20:04
08:53 Dark 2 4,445,513 ISK 2022-05-05 02:19:06
08:03 Dark 2 6,961,494 ISK 2022-05-04 01:07:29
07:52 Dark 2 4,824,366 ISK 2022-05-04 00:55:54
08:26 Dark 2 5,387,054 ISK 2022-05-04 00:44:09
07:27 Dark 2 5,758,481 ISK 2022-05-03 03:34:44
06:56 Dark 2 5,829,360 ISK 2022-05-03 03:12:11
06:18 Dark 2 5,196,950 ISK 2022-05-03 02:47:58
06:36 Dark 2 5,904,987 ISK 2022-05-03 02:11:54
07:51 Dark 2 10,033,192 ISK 2022-05-03 01:30:31
07:12 Dark 2 5,310,681 ISK 2022-05-02 15:18:50
Fit performance

The information below was calculated from 23 user submitted runs (displayed left).



Tier 2
Type Dark
Break even point


Avg. ISK/run 5,76 M ISK
Avg. run duration 08:03 time
Break even point 12 runs
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