Dark Iki

Fit #1807

High slot modules

Veles Heavy Entropic Disintegrator icon Veles Heavy Entropic Disintegrator with Occult M iconOccult M 84 955 000 ISK
Dark Blood Medium EMP Smartbomb icon Dark Blood Medium EMP Smartbomb 33 155 000 ISK
Dark Blood Medium EMP Smartbomb icon Dark Blood Medium EMP Smartbomb 33 155 000 ISK
Dark Blood Medium EMP Smartbomb icon Dark Blood Medium EMP Smartbomb 33 155 000 ISK

Mid slot modules

Gistum B-Type 10MN Afterburner icon Gistum B-Type 10MN Afterburner 124 900 000 ISK
Thukker Large Cap Battery icon Thukker Large Cap Battery 48 575 000 ISK
'Thurifer' Large Cap Battery icon 'Thurifer' Large Cap Battery 300 150 000 ISK
Federation Navy Stasis Webifier icon Federation Navy Stasis Webifier 58 625 000 ISK

Low slot modules

Entropic Radiation Sink II icon Entropic Radiation Sink II 3 050 000 ISK
Entropic Radiation Sink II icon Entropic Radiation Sink II 3 050 000 ISK
Entropic Radiation Sink II icon Entropic Radiation Sink II 3 050 000 ISK
Reactive Armor Hardener icon Reactive Armor Hardener 931 650 ISK
Centum C-Type Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane icon Centum C-Type Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane 79 380 000 ISK
Centum A-Type Medium Armor Repairer icon Centum A-Type Medium Armor Repairer 288 500 000 ISK


Medium Ancillary Current Router II icon Medium Ancillary Current Router II 18 070 000 ISK
Medium Ancillary Current Router II icon Medium Ancillary Current Router II 18 070 000 ISK


Imperial Navy Acolyte icon Imperial Navy Acolyte 1 098 500 ISK
Imperial Navy Infiltrator icon Imperial Navy Infiltrator x5 9 385 000 ISK
Imperial Navy Infiltrator icon Imperial Navy Infiltrator x2 3 754 000 ISK


Mystic M icon Mystic M x2000 2 066 000 ISK
Occult M icon Occult M x1500 1 758 000 ISK
Meson Exotic Plasma M icon Meson Exotic Plasma M x750 956 250 ISK
Tetryon Exotic Plasma M icon Tetryon Exotic Plasma M x750 1 338 000 ISK
Baryon Exotic Plasma M icon Baryon Exotic Plasma M x750 394 500 ISK
Nanite Repair Paste icon Nanite Repair Paste x1000 19 880 000 ISK


Antipharmakon Kosybo icon Antipharmakon Kosybo 21 050 000 ISK
Improved Drop Booster icon Improved Drop Booster 6 674 000 ISK
Agency 'Pyrolancea' DB7 Dose III icon Agency 'Pyrolancea' DB7 Dose III 26 145 000 ISK

Other cargo and implants

High-grade Asklepian Alpha icon High-grade Asklepian Alpha 126 100 000 ISK
High-grade Asklepian Beta icon High-grade Asklepian Beta 188 650 000 ISK
High-grade Asklepian Gamma icon High-grade Asklepian Gamma 215 850 000 ISK
High-grade Asklepian Delta icon High-grade Asklepian Delta 335 700 000 ISK
High-grade Asklepian Epsilon icon High-grade Asklepian Epsilon 644 450 000 ISK
High-grade Asklepian Omega icon High-grade Asklepian Omega 1 249 000 000 ISK
Eifyr and Co. 'Rogue' Evasive Maneuvering EM-705 icon Eifyr and Co. 'Rogue' Evasive Maneuvering EM-705 123 350 000 ISK
Zor's Custom Navigation Hyper-Link icon Zor's Custom Navigation Hyper-Link 69 195 000 ISK
Zainou 'Deadeye' Sharpshooter ST-905 icon Zainou 'Deadeye' Sharpshooter ST-905 52 500 000 ISK
Imperial Navy Modified 'Noble' Implant icon Imperial Navy Modified 'Noble' Implant 239 850 000 ISK
Total without ship: 4 434 163 823 ISK
Ikitursa icon Ikitursa 560 100 000 ISK
Total: 4 994 263 823 ISK
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Datetime Event Fit version
2021 January 19 18:02:08 Updated status to Deprecated Fit #1807
2021 January 09 07:31:56 Updated description Fit #1807
2021 January 09 07:31:28 Updated description Fit #1807
2021 January 09 07:29:24 Updated privacy to public Fit #1807
2021 January 09 07:27:48 Updated privacy to private Fit #1807
2020 December 18 04:53:01 Updated description Fit #1807
2020 December 16 15:49:39 Updated description Fit #1807
2020 December 16 15:48:39 Updated description Fit #1807
2020 December 16 15:48:08 Updated description Fit #1807
2020 December 16 15:46:00 Updated description Fit #1807
2020 December 16 15:44:17 Updated description Fit #1807
2020 December 16 15:37:31 Updated description Fit #1807
2020 December 12 01:25:33 Updated status to Works Fit #1807
2020 December 12 00:11:56 Fit stats calculation finished. Fit #1807
2020 December 12 00:10:07 Submitted fit for stats calculation Fit #1807
2020 December 11 19:37:55 Fit submitted to the Abyss Tracker Fit #1807
2020 December 11 19:37:55 Submitted fit for stats calculation Fit #1807

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Questions & Answers
Pero Tsero 1 year ago

Hi, are you sure this fit doesn't work anymore?

Pero Tsero 1 year ago

What did the last patch change?

Caldari Joans Fit uploader 1 year ago

I deprecated this fit when I moved on to the MWD/Large SB combo. The MWD fit is extinct as of the HAC change on their sig bonus. This original AB fit will eventually die to time, similar to Torv's T6 Stormbringer runs. There's enough RNG in the rooms where a bad spawn, like Leshaks in a speedcloud, will end up killing the fit on the timer.

Caldari Joans Fit uploader 1 year ago

You will definitely have success with the AB version. It will 100% die eventually though because the Iki is slow.

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Maximum suggested Abyssal difficulty











Recommend using version 3: https://abyss.eve-nt.uk/fit/2179

Theory and Fit

I designed this fit to address how rats operate in T6 Darks. While the optimal penalty is significant, most rogue drones, sleepers, and drifters naturally orbit within 6km of your ship in this weather. Our Occult range on the ship is 5800m. The trick up our sleeve though is triple EM smartbombs that reach out to 6km.

We use these weather penalties to our favor by fitting for max damage and utilizing only a three slot tank. This tank is overkill for 95% of the situations we will face. Overheating the afterburner and repper can make up for the rest. I only run an antipharmakon in slot one (Exile on live) but you could just as easily roll an exile in addition to drop.

Cost and Reasoning

The main thing you're probably looking at is the steep investment cost. This fit is not for laid-back isk making. It's for anyone who might be looking for a new challenge in the game in the highest difficulty in the abyss. As usual, I worked through the fit to see where, if any, isk could be saved and this is what I landed on. The Ikitursa hull itself is pricey so I always feel it deserves some bling anyways.


You will be brawling in every room with this fit. The goal is to get within range and apply Occult to priority targets while letting your smartbombs clean up anything within 6km. I aim to ramp damage on the biggest targets while maximizing the number of rats within that 6km sphere. After those large targets I start working on anything that orbits outside 6km.

For positioning I try to fight the main group around the biocache unless clouds prohibit it. Be very aware of your range to the gate. Moving within 6km of the outgate will shut off your smartbombs. It's not the end of the world but you are losing out on a lot of saved time.

Through practice you will be able to identify how to best react in every room. I typically start rooms by pre-heating Meson and popping an EWAR frig while I move into the pack. The frig will end up spending time much closer than Meson range but it will also slingshot and we don't want to break that spooling.

Target Priority

For target priorities always look for things that will prevent you from applying damage. This usually goes Webs, Neuts, TDs. With our AB and the room's velocity boost you can typically close the distance on a webbed target if you only have one web on you. If you can clear the rest of the webs while you move to your main Occult target you will be at an advantage. This fit handles well under neut pressure but if you find the room is running long you will want to bump neuting ships up in priority. Finally, TDs. They can crush your optimal even more; however, I find that if you can reach and tackle a ship then you will be operating within the penalized range anyways.

Ammo Choice

For ammo choices you will largely be using Occult and Tetryon. If you can apply it then Occult is king; however, I found that Tetryon is almost always a better option for Damaviks and sometimes even Kikimoras. Be sure to bring all ammo types though as having additional range options is always helpful. Some rooms like the Marshalls, Angels, and Sanshas will benefit from having Baryon as an option.


For drones I mainly have Navy Infiltrators. I use them when I cannot use smartbombs, when I want to pop a biocache at range, or when I'm in a pure single target DPS fight. If you are in a multi-target situation to use Drones be sure to put them on a secondary target. Be aware that drones have a tough time applying damage in darks on smaller targets.

Clouds and Pylons

Blue Clouds and Tracking Pylons are helpful but aren't always available. I chose Improved Drop to help in the situations where we can't rely on these. Additionally, always avoid speed clouds even if it means moving into a normally awkward position away from the outgate. The wild changes in your and the rat's speed will almost always break your ramped DPS. After speed clouds the main threat are blue clouds when facing Marshalls. Avoid them at all costs. You will die with a quickness if you clip a blue cloud while tanking the Marshalls.

Specific Rooms

  1. For Angels/Sansha you will want to overheat DPS, tank, and possibly the afterburner here. I will try to clear some frigates on approach but once the main group reaches me I swap to the webbing and neuting cruisers. Save the DPS heat for these cruisers and stick with an ammo type with which you can maintain spool. Even if you have a target at 5400m it's likely going to move out of range while you are quadruple webbed so consider Tetryon or even Baryon.

  2. For Marshalls you have two priorities. One, clear webs. Prioritize any frigates or cruisers with Arrestor in the name BEFORE you get in range of the battleship webs. While doing this you can still position near the battleships. Once you have cleared them full committ on the Marshall battleships. I like to heat DPS, tank, and prop mod here. Be wary of your position. Do not make sudden course corrections as speed is a large portion of your tank here. If you drop to 10% speed for some reason you will absolutely bleed hull HP. After the Marshall battleships I'll start working on the other targets but I try to leave the Edencom ships for last. Their AOE dps can be used in your favor.

  3. For Drekavacs, Kikis, Leshaks I find that you just end up spending a lot of time in these rooms. Look for opportunities to overheat to make up time. They will largely operate outside of smartbomb range and can rep through the DPS anyways. This is a good time to use your drones. With Dreks and Leshaks you want to dive into the pack and start working on their HP before they rep too much. I prioritize Tanglers for Leshaks then any ship that is straying too far from the pack. Leshaks like to starburst and I want to try to kill them before they stray too far.

  4. Finally, the classic Abyssal rooms of Karybdis, the Overmind, and Sleeper Battleships can all be handled the same way. For Kaybdis and the Overmind you're looking to get on them as soon as possible; HOWEVER, pay attention to their position. You want to use smartbombs the entire time. If you pull this off you can kill the entire room right around the time you pop Karybdis. The support drones will die around the Overmind much earlier. Sleeper battleships like to hug the gate so you will mostly use drones here but sometimes they will drift off letting you clear the cruisers with smartbombs.

Additional Help and Updates

First upgrades that I recommend on Tranquility are Mutaplasmids for your Entropic Radiation Sinks. They will help when you get three rooms where you can't use smartbombs effectively.

I'm running Improved Exile on Tranquility due to the low supply of Kosybo. If you don't want to do Improved then Standard works. Both are overkill but let you focus elsewhere rather than on your tank.

I swapped to the Centum C-Type Membrane for a Centii A-Type Coating on Tranquility. Both are viable but the latter is an upgrade for only 30mil more.

I'm slowly adding runs onto Youtube to address concerns pilots have for specific rooms. Currently list is below:

Cataclysmic Dark Ikitursa Run - Sleepers, Vedmaks, & Angels https://youtu.be/mkbXjJ5-0CI

Cataclysmic Dark Ikitursa Run - Vile Vedmaks, Karybdis with Speed Cloud, & Rodivas with Drones https://youtu.be/CPWHfa42Ufg

Cataclysmic Dark Ikitursa Run - Sleeper Cruisers, Sansha Frigs, & Angels https://youtu.be/3EIo3RgB7wg

Cataclysmic Dark Ikitursa Run - Rodivas with Kikis, Sleeper BCs, & Abyssal Overmind https://youtu.be/dO1OW1ytG1w

Current best run for time on Tranquility is 9:15 (displayed as 8:44 on Abyssal Tracker): Cataclysmic Dark Ikitursa Run - 9:15 - Eve Online - Abyssal PvE https://youtu.be/mfYHQI8WIsE

Resource usage
  used available
CPU icon CPU 492 tf 500 tf
Powergrid icon Powergrid 2062 MW 2066 MW

1780 dps

total dps
Weapons 1764 dps
Drones 16 dps
Volley 1965 dmg
1 889 ehp
15 767 ehp
4 104 ehp
Total: 21 760 ehp
5 ehp/s
363 ehp/s
5 ehp/s
363 ehp/s
Stable at 69.5%
Icon Capacity 6 288 GJ
Targeting & speed
Icon Speed 772 m/s
Icon Signature radius 120,0 m
Icon Targeting range 81 250 m
Icon Scan resolution 375 mm
Icon Sensor strength 26.4 str

Dark Iki usage

Runs with this fit (31)
  Duration Abyss type Abyss tier Loot value Submitted  
19:45 Dark 6 105,241,860 ISK 2021-07-21 16:22:49
Unknown runtime Dark 6 0 ISK 2020-12-20 04:53:00
14:02 Dark 6 111,203,892 ISK 2020-12-20 03:51:46
16:23 Dark 6 34,604,904 ISK 2020-12-20 03:36:28
11:20 Dark 6 210,796,105 ISK 2020-12-20 03:18:44
16:35 Dark 6 100,128,204 ISK 2020-12-17 02:48:39
17:11 Dark 6 154,389,245 ISK 2020-12-17 02:29:55
17:13 Dark 6 97,635,827 ISK 2020-12-17 02:10:16
17:38 Dark 6 71,930,525 ISK 2020-12-17 01:29:11
14:02 Dark 6 91,022,774 ISK 2020-12-17 01:09:07
16:52 Dark 6 75,494,964 ISK 2020-12-17 00:52:25
10:45 Dark 6 110,943,553 ISK 2020-12-16 02:52:05
16:40 Dark 6 101,756,500 ISK 2020-12-16 02:38:32
17:40 Dark 6 120,356,207 ISK 2020-12-16 02:19:03
14:51 Dark 6 49,559,428 ISK 2020-12-15 21:45:34
13:48 Dark 6 170,775,208 ISK 2020-12-15 21:29:03
15:02 Dark 6 78,709,854 ISK 2020-12-15 21:12:19
18:01 Dark 6 134,007,348 ISK 2020-12-15 03:55:06
15:01 Dark 6 102,191,580 ISK 2020-12-15 03:34:00
16:08 Dark 6 123,545,000 ISK 2020-12-13 16:07:22
08:44 Dark 6 103,674,500 ISK 2020-12-13 15:46:09
18:34 Dark 6 127,564,760 ISK 2020-12-13 15:34:19
13:21 Dark 6 151,772,260 ISK 2020-12-13 05:46:10
11:58 Dark 6 82,223,200 ISK 2020-12-13 05:30:10
13:00 Dark 6 185,561,320 ISK 2020-12-13 05:15:21
Fit performance

The information below was calculated from 31 user submitted runs (displayed left).



Tier 6
Type Dark
Break even point


Avg. ISK/run 105,06 M ISK
Avg. run duration 15:59 time
Break even point 48 runs
Loot strategy with this fit