Angelic Starter

Fit #4940
This fit's weapon DPS is 0. Maybe the submitter forgot to load ammo before uploading the fit or this fit only relies on drones.

High slot modules

Nothing in High slot modules

Mid slot modules

Republic Fleet Large Cap Battery icon Republic Fleet Large Cap Battery 27 030 000 ISK
Domination Shield Boost Amplifier icon Domination Shield Boost Amplifier 62 190 000 ISK
Domination X-Large Shield Booster icon Domination X-Large Shield Booster 118 600 000 ISK
Multispectrum Shield Hardener II icon Multispectrum Shield Hardener II 1 809 500 ISK

Low slot modules

Drone Damage Amplifier II icon Drone Damage Amplifier II 939 000 ISK
Drone Damage Amplifier II icon Drone Damage Amplifier II 939 000 ISK
Capacitor Flux Coil II icon Capacitor Flux Coil II 535 950 ISK
Assault Damage Control II icon Assault Damage Control II 376 650 ISK
Capacitor Flux Coil II icon Capacitor Flux Coil II 535 950 ISK
Capacitor Flux Coil II icon Capacitor Flux Coil II 535 950 ISK


Medium Core Defense Operational Solidifier II icon Medium Core Defense Operational Solidifier II 21 315 000 ISK
Medium EM Shield Reinforcer II icon Medium EM Shield Reinforcer II 4 812 000 ISK


Wasp II icon Wasp II x9 14 427 000 ISK
Caldari Navy Wasp icon Caldari Navy Wasp x5 9 700 000 ISK
Caldari Navy Warden icon Caldari Navy Warden 2 393 000 ISK


Nothing in Ammunition


Agency 'Hardshell' TB9 Dose IV icon Agency 'Hardshell' TB9 Dose IV 36 390 000 ISK
Strong Blue Pill Booster icon Strong Blue Pill Booster 21 995 000 ISK

Other cargo and implants

Nothing in Other cargo and implants

Total without ship: 303 940 000 ISK
Ishtar icon Ishtar 118 150 000 ISK
Total: 422 090 000 ISK
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Questions & Answers
Tiberius Femrender 8 months ago

I haven't yet had a strong Concord or Sansha spawn, but so far the room giving me the most trouble is drone BS + webs. Even with the webs gone they really chunk down my shields. I often have to use ADC, manage heat, and pop a Hardshell just to come out in armor or structure.. Am I doing something wrong here? Haven't died yet except once on time in a firestorm, by literal seconds, derp. Great fit!

Angelic Succubus Fit uploader 8 months ago

Hello! Glad to hear you are enjoying the fit. If you are doing primarily firestorms it might be worth changing one of the rigs out for a thermal shield hardners as it seems that your thermal hole due to weather is causing issues. I hope this helps!

Tiberius Femrender 8 months ago

I only did 1 or 2 firestorms, they do a ton of damage even in Exotics. It's not unmanageable with heat and I probably don't need the boosters; the XLSB reps tons its just an issue when I get a few consecutive volleys. I didn't see any NRP in your cargo so I assumed you're not overheating, which is why I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong. Same fit, max tank skills (max everything except drone spec only to 4]

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Maximum suggested Abyssal difficulty











Angelic Starter - T4 Abyss

My Super Cheap Starter Ishtar.

Pretty straight foward, go gate to gate while killing everything. Kill neuts then webs and damps, then put on some chill music as you cruise through my domain :)

Drugs for emergencies. No implants needed, cheap ones can be used for a boost.

Use ADC to buy time against heavy neut or burst.

If your fitting skills are decent, feel free to use a single arty or railgun top pop cans with, as well as a MTU to scoop with.

Can also use a sentry drone such as a warden to pop cans.

If fit becomes popular, i will upload some videos as well as my more advanced and pricey fits.

Exotics is easiest but other filaments other than dark can be flown.

Resource usage
  used available
CPU icon CPU 411 tf 425 tf
Powergrid icon Powergrid 825 MW 925 MW

632 dps

total dps
Weapons 0 dps
Drones 632 dps
Volley 2530 dmg
5 912 ehp
4 709 ehp
7 152 ehp
Total: 17 773 ehp
16 ehp/s
792 ehp/s
16 ehp/s
792 ehp/s
Stable at 44.5%
Icon Capacity 2 061 GJ
Targeting & speed
Icon Speed 219 m/s
Icon Signature radius 158,9 m
Icon Targeting range 100 000 m
Icon Scan resolution 368 mm
Icon Sensor strength 27.6 str

Angelic Starter usage

Runs with this fit (19)
  Duration Abyss type Abyss tier Loot value Submitted  
Unknown runtime Exotic 4 48,282,909 ISK 2021-11-17 06:23:22
Unknown runtime Electrical 4 71,213,366 ISK 2021-11-15 06:38:30
Unknown runtime Exotic 4 64,246,834 ISK 2021-11-15 06:18:52
Unknown runtime Exotic 4 52,058,550 ISK 2021-11-15 05:55:43
Unknown runtime Exotic 4 23,431,862 ISK 2021-11-13 06:21:20
Unknown runtime Exotic 4 26,165,000 ISK 2021-05-27 06:46:18
Unknown runtime Exotic 4 13,139,872 ISK 2021-05-27 06:05:52
Unknown runtime Gamma 4 25,964,220 ISK 2021-05-27 04:09:25
Unknown runtime Exotic 4 9,500,000 ISK 2021-05-26 05:02:10
Unknown runtime Exotic 4 26,548,582 ISK 2021-05-26 04:35:41
Unknown runtime Exotic 4 50,493,494 ISK 2021-05-26 04:34:36
Unknown runtime Exotic 4 29,499,902 ISK 2021-05-26 04:19:37
Unknown runtime Exotic 4 29,499,902 ISK 2021-05-26 04:19:00
Unknown runtime Exotic 4 23,718,912 ISK 2021-05-26 04:01:01
Unknown runtime Exotic 4 31,430,856 ISK 2021-05-25 09:41:42
Unknown runtime Exotic 4 18,679,296 ISK 2021-05-25 09:22:19
Unknown runtime Exotic 4 18,905,560 ISK 2021-05-24 12:43:01
Unknown runtime Exotic 4 17,220,791 ISK 2021-05-24 12:23:20
Unknown runtime Exotic 4 25,475,135 ISK 2021-05-24 12:00:58
Fit performance

The information below was calculated from 19 user submitted runs (displayed left).



Tier 4
Type Electrical
Break even point


Avg. ISK/run 71,21 M ISK
Avg. run duration 20:00 time
Break even point 6 runs
Loot strategy with this fit