Javelin S

Advanced Railgun Charge

15 ISK

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15 ISK

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Drop rates for this item will not be calculated, because this is not an item that drops from the Abyss.

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  Ship name Abyss type Abyss tier Loot value Duration  
Frigate hull size   Ishkur Exotic 1 4,110,099 ISK Unknown
Cruiser hull size   Vexor Firestorm 1 1,172,856 ISK 12:41
Frigate hull size   Tristan Gamma 0 1,521,612 ISK 04:51
Destroyer hull size   Algos Electrical 1 2,341,289 ISK 13:45

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Item description

The Javelin charge consists of a cluster of Iridium Fletchets with a Graviton Pulse Detonator. This allows for much higher damage than can be achieved by a standard rail system. However, the inherent entropy of graviton pulses means that it is very hard to maintain accuracy at long range.

75% reduced optimal range.
25% increased tracking speed.

Note: This ammunition can only be used by small tech level II and faction Railguns.

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