Standard Drop Booster


2 729 800 ISK

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2 729 800 ISK

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Drop rates for this item will not be calculated, because this is not an item that drops from the Abyss.

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  Ship name Abyss type Abyss tier Loot value Duration  
Cruiser hull size   Vagabond Gamma 4 40,883,055 ISK 18:09
Cruiser hull size   Vagabond Gamma 4 50,823,780 ISK 10:33
Cruiser hull size   Vagabond Gamma 3 31,514,096 ISK 09:20
Cruiser hull size   Muninn Electrical 5 73,285,615 ISK 14:21

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This booster throws a pilot into temporary dementia, making every target feel like a monstrous threat that must be destroyed at all cost. The pilot manages to force his turrets into better tracking, though it may take a while before he stops wanting to kill everything in sight.

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