Republic Fleet Phased Plasma S

Projectile Ammo

419 ISK

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Drop rates for this item will not be calculated, because this is not an item that drops from the Abyss.

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Last runs
  Ship name Abyss type Abyss tier Loot value Duration  
Frigate hull size   Wolf Firestorm 1 5,251,258 ISK 15:00
Frigate hull size   Tristan Gamma 0 -2,845,777 ISK 09:00
Frigate hull size   Wolf Firestorm 0 5,419,386 ISK 12:58
Cruiser hull size   Ishtar Exotic 6 507,587,331 ISK Unknown

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Item description

Small Projectile Ammo. This ammo uses a similar plasma containment core as hybrid charges except that it is mounted in a standard cannon shell.

50% reduced optimal range.

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