Inferno Precision Light Missile

Advanced Light Missile

52 ISK

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52 ISK

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Last runs
  Ship name Abyss type Abyss tier Loot value Duration  
Frigate hull size   Worm Electrical 3 0 ISK 20:09
Frigate hull size   Worm Electrical 1 27,351,209 ISK Unknown
Unknown Exotic 2 8,078,434 ISK 13:00
Frigate hull size   Worm Firestorm 1 -25,813,558 ISK 07:00
Destroyer hull size   Jackdaw Dark 3 44,134,393 ISK 11:30
Cruiser hull size   Gila Firestorm 3 5,752,324 ISK 14:00
Cruiser hull size   Gila Firestorm 3 15,994,676 ISK 13:57
Cruiser hull size   Gila Exotic 1 2,034,681 ISK 14:40

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Item description

The explosion the Inferno light missile creates upon impact is stunning enough for any display of fireworks - just ten times more deadly.

A modified version of the Inferno light missile. Great for taking down smaller ships, but fuel use by stabilization thrusters reduces maximum flight time.

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