Assault Damage Control II

Damage Control

271 540 ISK

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271 540 ISK

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Drop rates for this item will not be calculated, because this is not an item that drops from the Abyss.

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  Ship name Abyss type Abyss tier Loot value Duration  
Cruiser hull size   Caracal Gamma 1 30,680,642 ISK 16:21
Frigate hull size   Hawk Dark 2 21,349,359 ISK Unknown
Frigate hull size   Nergal Firestorm 4 228,278,984 ISK 13:00

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Item description

Utilizes a combination of containment field emitters and redundancy systems to mitigate the impact of critical system damage.

Grants a bonus to resistance for shield, armor and hull. May be activated to grant extreme resistances to shield, armor and hull for a short period of time.

Only one Damage Control can be fit at a given time.

Assault Damage Controls can only be fit to Assault Frigates and Heavy Assault Cruisers.

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