BlastShot Condenser Pack M

Condenser Pack

8 928 ISK

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8 928 ISK

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  Ship name Abyss type Abyss tier Loot value Duration  
Cruiser hull size   Stormbringer Exotic 6 43,813,656 ISK 09:59
Cruiser hull size   Stormbringer Exotic 6 25,410,317 ISK 11:04
Cruiser hull size   Stormbringer Exotic 6 60,921,590 ISK 07:20
Cruiser hull size   Stormbringer Exotic 6 37,288,296 ISK 07:39
Cruiser hull size   Stormbringer Electrical 4 13,268,302 ISK Unknown
Cruiser hull size   Stormbringer Exotic 6 38,986,931 ISK 08:31
Unknown Exotic 5 38,855,271 ISK 14:41
Unknown Exotic 5 60,329,573 ISK 11:29

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Item description

The project to adapt Arcing Vorton Projectors into ship-based weapons required the development of a high-capacity energy source for the new weapons. Ship capacitors are powerful but the immense bursts of energy required to fire Vorton Projectors called for the development of one-shot Condenser Packs capable of retaining ultra-high charges and rapidly discharging them at need. In a novel and elegant solution to the problem of cabling burnout in the projectors, the material of the Condenser Packs is designed to be rendered down into a pool of nanites the ablative nanocabling of the weapons can draw on.

Upwell's brand of BlastShot Condenser Packs are designed to deliver a pulse of power tuned to develop arcs dealing high Kinetic damage at short ranges.

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